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Welcome to Little Dove Farm

Many years ago a very tiny mourning dove was found injured near our house. We nursed it back to health and after a few months it was ready to fly. By this time however it was winter and we were reluctant to release her under difficult conditions so we held back until spring. During this time she became a familiar member of our family of critters. When we finally released her, on a warm spring morning, she wasn't very eager to leave. She was used to room service! Eventually off she went -- no doubt lured by the seductive calls of a handsome male of her species. By the following year we began to notice numerous tiny doves in the vicinity of our farm. No doubt she survived to pass on her genes and become part of the Lore of "Little Dove Farm."


Currently I am only offering private lessons or privately arranged small group lessons and introductions to herding and stock handling. Please email me to set up appointment. Check out the Herding page and the Schedule page for a bit more information.

What We Do

  • Private Lessons in Herding and Clinics.
  • Tracking
  • Photography for people and their pets.

New Herding Champion


New Flash: Tchi is a Herding Champion! Ranked #3 Herding Belgian Nationally

Tchi is now formally known as:
HC Chimeric Golden Ratio CD TD HSAsd HSBd HIAsd HSBd HXAsd HXAdM

Stock Dog Handling Lessons begin when mud season departs. We have a new 140' X 250' trial and training arena. Set up your training schedule soon by contracting me by email